How Can 24-hour Home Care Help with Insomnia?

24-Hour Home Care in Modesto CA

Insomnia can be a tremendous issue for your senior. It affects memory, cognition, and physical well-being because your elderly family member’s brain and body aren’t getting the rest that they need in order to function properly. One way that you might be able to help your senior to better manage her insomnia is to bring…

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Personal Care at Home Reduces Fall Risk for Your Senior

Personal Care at Home in Walnut Creek CA

Seniors are way more susceptible to falling than many of them realize. There are a wide range of factors that can make your elderly family member more likely to fall. These range from changes in her environment to issues with her health and more. What you and your senior do to help her to avoid…

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What Can You Do to Help Reduce the Chance Your Senior Will Break a Bone?

Home Care Assistance in Stockton CA

Falls are a huge problem for seniors because they can very easily lead to serious health issues, including fractures. If your elderly family member has health issues, like osteoporosis, that make a fracture even more likely, then it’s vital that you and she take action to keep her safe. Reduce Fall Risks as Much as…

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