Quiet July 4th Activities

Senior Home Care in Danville CA

Senior Home Care in Danville CA

If your senior is at a stage in life when loud, crowded outdoor activities bring more stress than joy, you might want to develop a plan to help him enjoy the upcoming Fourth of July holiday in a way that honors his needs.

When thinking of the Fourth of July, many people have two immediate thoughts that come to mind – fireworks and large family or community gatherings. Both of these can be wonderful but also can cause a lot of stress, especially if your loved one has cognitive issues or anxiety. Bringing him to an event may create a miserable holiday for all involved.

But no need to fear. We’ve got some great quiet ways to celebrate this important holiday with your aging loved one. Even if you are unable to spend the actual Fourth of July with your loved one, these can be great ideas for him to celebrate with his senior home care provider when they visit. His senior home care providers might also help with the pre-holiday prep, making your loved one’s home or place of residence, extra special for the holiday.

Here are a few suggestions. Use your creativity to add on or alter to make them perfectly designed for your loved one.

  • Don’t forget to decorate. Patriotic decorations can start going up any time now and the fun thing is that they can really remain up all summer if your loved one enjoys them. His senior home care team can help with getting the materials ready for him and then doing any of the physical work like hanging items on the walls or plugging in lights. A few things that might make your loved one’s home feel festive might include:
    • Flags. It’s the Fourth so you can never have too many American flags. Even if your loved one doesn’t have a real flag, he can put up paper flags or find small flags on sticks to put in potted plants or the yard.
    • Lights. If fireworks are too noisy and aren’t nearby, find some red, white, and blue lights from a local store to hang on the porch or any living area to liven up the area.
    • Streamers. Twirling some red, white, and blue streamers together and hanging them from doorposts or banisters can look festive.
  • Have some patriotic snacks! A quick look on Pinterest, or even your local grocery ad, can find all kinds of fun ideas for snacks that show your patriotic spirit. Look for cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and even charcuterie boards that show off those American flag colors.
  • Enjoy fireworks from a distance. Getting down to the local park to watch the fireworks may not be feasible, so look for fireworks live streams to watch local fireworks or hop into the car and find a nice quiet area on the top of a hill where you can sit and enjoy them from the distance without having to worry about braving the bugs or crowds.
  • Wear those patriotic colors. Your loved one’s senior home care provider can help him pick out his best Independence Day outfit to don as he goes about his day. It’s a nice quiet way to celebrate the day respectfully.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July, building memories that will last a lifetime.

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