Personal Care at Home Reduces Fall Risk for Your Senior

Personal Care at Home in Walnut Creek CA

Personal Care at Home in Walnut Creek CA

Seniors are way more susceptible to falling than many of them realize. There are a wide range of factors that can make your elderly family member more likely to fall. These range from changes in her environment to issues with her health and more. What you and your senior do to help her to avoid a fall matters a lot.

Make Sure She’s Cleared to Exercise

One of the best things that your senior can do in order to prevent falls is to maintain muscle tone and balance. She can most effectively do this by continuing to be as mobile as possible, including exercising if her doctor clears her to do so. Check with her doctor about how much and what kinds of movement is okay for her to do and then help her to hit that goal. By staying mobile, your elderly family member is much more likely to be able to avoid a fall.

Consider Home Renovations

Take a closer look at your senior’s home, too. If possible, renovations and modifications may be necessary in order to help her to be as safe as she can be. Some situations, like having her bedroom on the second floor, might require creative thinking. Moving your elderly family member’s bedroom to the main floor can help her to avoid safety risks that could lead to a fall.

Prioritize Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms have always been a big safety issue in the home for anyone, regardless of age. For your senior, you might want to make some big changes. Walk-in shower stalls, grab bars, and shower chairs help your elderly family member to be a lot safer while she’s bathing. It also helps to have personal care at home available to keep your senior as safe as possible.

Get Help from Personal Care at Home

Having help from senior care providers can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing falls. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to preventing falls, and personal care at home can make sure that your senior is hydrated, eating properly, and being as safe as possible. Without the help of experienced caregivers, your elderly family member might be much more at risk of falling.

Keep up with Health Changes

Your senior’s health influences how likely it will be that she experiences a fall. Medication side effects and symptoms are each factors when it comes to helping your elderly family member to avoid a fall. Talk with your senior’s doctor about what she can do to protect her health and therefore to lower her fall risk as much as she possibly can.

Avoiding a fall is something that requires a multi-prong approach for your senior. There are so many different risk factors and all of them play a part in your senior’s daily life. When you can stay on top of fall prevention as much as possible, that is going to help to relieve a lot of stress for you and for your senior.

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