Easy Ways Seniors Can Avoid Night Time Falls

Senior Home Care in Moraga CA

Senior Home Care in Moraga CA

Seniors who are aging in place are prone to falls at home, especially at night. Seniors may fall getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, or climbing dark stairs after getting a drink. But there are some things that seniors and their families can do to minimize the risk of seniors falling at night such as:

Rely on Senior Home Care Support

Senior home care at night will help seniors avoid falls. When seniors have senior home care at night they will have a care provider with hem all night long to help them if they need to get out of bed to use the bathroom or to bring them water if they need a drink. Senior home care providers will also make sure that seniors get any medication that they need and their medical devices like CPAPs are working correctly. Having a care provider with your senior loved one all night will give you peace of mind and make it much easier and safer for your senior loved one who is aging at home.

Better Lighting

Fixing the lighting in the home can make a huge difference in the risk of your senior loved one falling, especially at night. An easy way to keep seniors safer at night is to install adhesive backed battery operated rope lights all along the hallways in the home at floor level. That way the light won’t be harsh enough to blind seniors as they get out of bed in the dark and try to make it to the bathroom. But it will be enough light for seniors to clearly see the path ahead walk safely down the hallway to the bathroom or down the stairs to the kitchen. Motion activated lights work very well also because they will only turn on when someone is walking down the hall.

Moving Obstructions

If your senior loved one has a lot of furniture in their bedroom or the hallway move some of it. There’s no reason to keep furniture that isn’t serving a purpose and furniture can be a tripping hazard for seniors. Area rugs should also be removed because it’s very easy for seniors to slip and fall on area rugs. If your senior parent’s home has hardwood or bare floors and they are afraid of tripping on the slippery floor put in wall to wall carpet or use non slip mats as flooring so that seniors won’t run the risk of falling on bare floors.

Keep Things Close

If you make suer that seniors don’t have to get out of bed to get what they need that can lower their risk of falling because they won’t be trying to walk around. Put a mini fridge next to the bed with snacks like protein drinks and bottles of water or juice. Keep a bed pan by the bed so seniors don’t have to get up to use the bathroom. And keep the TV and stereo remotes, a cell phone and a charger, and other items on the nightstand so that seniors will have everything they need in reach.

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