Keeping Seniors Safe on Halloween

Senior Home Care in Modesto CA

Senior Home Care in Modesto CA

All ages may find enjoyment in celebrating Halloween. But it may be difficult and unnerving for older family members, particularly alone. Senior home care can help a senior on the day of Halloween by making the house safer for them and helping them set up for trick-or-treaters if they wish to hand out candy. Whether or not they participate in Halloween’s candy distribution, senior citizens should feel protected and at ease. Family caregivers may rest easy knowing their loved ones are secure this Halloween with the aid of these six strategies.

Keep the House Well Lit

On Halloween night, you last need to discover that your porch light is broken. Because of this, it’s possible that fewer trick-or-treaters will visit your neighborhood, and you may even attract criminals. You should replace any burned-out bulbs in the lights around your doorways and other entry points before the holiday. If you want to make your property safer all through the year, now is also a good time to install motion-sensor flood lights or update to better illumination.

Tell a Senior to Always Look Outside Before Opening the Doors

Never open the door without seeing who is there, not even on Halloween. In the case of a rowdy bunch of teenagers or an isolated adult, it’s best to keep the door closed. If a senior has a peephole, they should use it to see if it’s kids or a single adult. One may pose a bigger threat than the other, and it’s best to be cautious while living alone.

Ensure Everyone Stays Outside If a Senior Answers the Door

Don’t let anybody in the house if the door is closed. Remind your elderly loved ones that they should not open their door to strangers, even if they are offering sweets. Instead of giving out candy, you may put a bowl out on the front porch. Don’t forget the “Happy Halloween!” sign! Just one per person, if you could. Even if a child has to go to the bathroom, the senior must not let anyone in. This should be the first thing they think about. It can be distressing when a child has to go to the restroom but not letting anyone in their home is exceptionally important.

Keep The Walkways Clear

Clear the path for others to walk. Jack-o’-lanterns, big decorations, and other decorations should be kept away from any pathways or stairs where they may catch fire. Removing potential trip hazards can protect not just your elderly loved ones but also the youngsters who may be coming to the door and whose eyesight may be impeded by a mask.

Be There With Your Loved One Or Have Senior Home Care Be There

It’s important to keep a loved one company. This Halloween, instead of sending an older family member out alone with candy, why not give it out together? This is of paramount importance if they have physical or mental impairments, such as dementia. In addition to making everyone feel more at ease, it will also ensure their safety during the night.

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