Six Reasons Elder Care Is the Best Choice for Your Senior

Elder Care in Modesto CA

After your mom’s fall, it’s clear she needs help around her home. She was carrying laundry when she lost her balance on the stairs. She’ll be okay, but she needs help with household chores. Have you considered elder care as the best solution for her care needs? Elder care is beneficial for older adults who…

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How Seniors Can Prevent Skin Infections

Personal Care at Home in Brentwood CA

As seniors get older, their skin becomes thinner and more delicate. Seniors are more susceptible to skin infections because of the way that skin naturally changes with age. When skin infections go unnoticed or untreated they can cause serious health problems for seniors. Sometimes severe infections even require that seniors be hospitalized. There are a…

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How to Help a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease and Sleep Apnea

Alzheimer's Care in Moraga CA

Every senior’s situation is different, especially with different health concerns demanding time and attention. But some health issues, like sleep apnea, can take a larger toll on seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep apnea affects sleep quality, which is often a lot more obvious for seniors who have Alzheimer’s. Following some of these…

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8 Big Behaviors Seniors Need to Adopt for Healthy Aging

Home Care Assistance in Stockton CA

Aging healthfully means that seniors need to look more closely at the behaviors that they’re engaging in on a regular basis. Choosing the right behaviors to focus on impacts physical, mental, and emotional well-being for aging adults. Some of these habits might not be easy to adopt readily, and home care assistance can help a…

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Can Sign Language Help Seniors With Dementia?

Senior Home Care in Concord CA

Over time, dementia worsens and affects memory, speech, and cognitive functioning. This is why many seniors with dementia might benefit from learning sign language, as it can help them communicate better and have a better quality of life. This is significant beyond better communication since it will help seniors stay engaged with their senior home…

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Seniors

Home Care in Lodi CA

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And too often seniors skip it because they don’t feel like making a meal or because they are struggling to get going in the morning. Home care can help seniors with meals, including breakfast. Seniors who aren’t eating enough benefit from having a home care provider…

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What Services Are Included in In-Home Care?

In-Home Care in Manteca CA

Your mom wants to live alone, but you worry about her. You’d rather have her move to your house where you can keep a close eye on her. She’s adamant that she remains in her home for the rest of her life. In-home care is a great way to ease your fears and ensure your…

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Understanding Different Types of Adaptive Clothing

Companion Care at Home in Brentwood CA

Adaptive clothing is made to meet the specific needs and challenges of seniors, especially those with reduced mobility, dexterity, or mental abilities. These clothes are carefully designed to help older people stay independent, feel comfortable, and get dressed quickly and easily. Seniors with companion care at home often have assistance when needed, but adding adaptive…

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The Steps to Follow When Setting Up for Your Dad’s Bath Day

Personal Care at Home in Moraga CA

Daily showers or baths are unnecessary in older adults. Aging skin tends to be drier and also thins out. Too many showers, especially with harsher shower gels and bar soap, can dry the skin even more. Unless your dad is particularly sweaty, it’s okay to set one morning aside for a bath. When it is…

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Is Your Dad’s Ability to Age at Home Changing?

Home Care Assistance in Modesto CA

Your dad’s plan has always been to age at home, but his ability to do so seems to be changing. He’s not keeping up with housework, and he doesn’t seem to eat more than snack foods or frozen pizzas. What do you do when his ability to take care of himself is changing? Here are…

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