Routines and Rituals with Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer's Care in Brentwood CA

Alzheimer’s disease affects seniors in some predictable ways, like affecting cognition, but it also can make them feel uncomfortable and uncertain about the world around them. Alzheimer’s care services can help seniors and family caregivers to cope by helping establish rituals and routines that foster a sense of well-being and stability. Here’s how that can…

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Recognizing Heatstroke in Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Moraga CA

When the body temperature reaches dangerous heights, as frequently happens after extended exposure to high temperatures, heatstroke occurs. Due to age-related changes in the body’s ability to regulate temperature, seniors are especially susceptible to heatstroke. For seniors to remain healthy during the warmer months, it is imperative that they understand the warning signs of heatstroke…

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What Services Does Personal Care at Home Offer to Seniors?

Personal Care at Home in Manteca CA

For seniors who want to age in place, it’s helpful to have access to services that make a difference for them. Personal care at home can offer assistance with a variety of tasks that seniors might find embarrassing to need more help managing. These caregivers offer help while ensuring that seniors feel safe and respected,…

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Having Compassionate Conversations about Home Care

Home Care in Danville CA

Bringing up the idea of home care services to an aging family member can sometimes be difficult. Some seniors want to remain independent and live at home for as long as they can, and they may not understand how home care services can help make those goals possible. Having open and compassionate conversations about this…

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What Simple Home Modifications Help Seniors to Be Safer?

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

When family caregivers think about home modifications to keep their aging adults safer, they often worry that the solutions are going to be complicated and expensive. Sometimes the simple solutions and modifications are the best options, however. For instance, bringing senior home care services in does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to…

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Darcie, the Hero!

Not only are our Transportation Drivers great at their jobs, but they sometimes double as firefighters! Darcie, one of our wonderful wheelchair transport drivers, was headed home on a busy country road when she came across a car alongside the road on fire. The occupants were out of the car trying to douse the engine…

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Companion Care at Home Provides Respite for Family Caregivers

Companion Care at Home in Lodi CA

Taking even a little bit of time away from caregiving can be frightening for so many family caregivers. Caregiving itself is demanding and requires so much from family caregivers. But achieving a balance between caregiving and other responsibilities as well as rest is essential for overall well-being. Companion care at home can be the answer…

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Alzheimer’s Care and Aging in Place

Alzheimer's Care in Manteca CA

Facing the complications of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is often a difficult adjustment for families. As the condition worsens, seniors may want to remain in their homes for as long as they can rather than move to any type of assisted living or nursing home facility. Alzheimer’s care services can offer the help that families…

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The Most Common Reasons Why Seniors Don’t Want To Eat

Home Care in Manteca CA

If you have noticed that your senior parent seems to be losing their appetite, you could be right. It can be a challenge to get seniors to eat enough to stay healthy. Malnutrition is a very common problem in seniors because many seniors just aren’t eating enough. They also could be eating the wrong kinds…

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Why Respite Care is Important and How Senior Home Care Helps

Senior Home Care in Moraga CA

Being a family caregiver means being there for all of the tough challenges seniors are facing. It also means spending a lot of time and energy making sure that aging adults are doing alright and that they have their needs met. But it also means balancing caregiving duties with a lot of other responsibilities and…

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