What Benefits Does Classical Music Have for Your Senior?

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Every September is Classical Music Month, so it’s a wonderful time to take a closer look at why music is so important and what it can do for your aging family member. The benefits can be pretty surprising, especially when you realize that your elderly family member’s physical, mental, and emotional health can all benefit…

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Bond With Your Senior Dad Using Video Games

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Not every adult child caring for an aging parent is middle-aged. With the rate of early-onset Alzheimer’s or adults having children at an older age, it’s not uncommon to be in your 30’s and find yourself becoming a family caregiver and looking into companion care at home. When you’re younger and your dad needs your…

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5 New Activities to Try During National Anti-Boredom Month

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Each July, National Anti-Boredom Month kicks off as a way to help ease the boredom people experience when the weather gets too hot to spend too much time outside. Family gatherings on the Fourth of July kick off the month, but families do their own summer activities after that. For older adults, the hot weather…

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Afternoon Tea Is A Great Social Activity For Seniors

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Isolation and loneliness are at near-epidemic levels for seniors, so finding fun activities for seniors is very important. April is National Afternoon Tea month and it’s the perfect time to give this activity a try with your senior. Afternoon tea has a lot of benefits for seniors. Besides getting seniors out of the house and…

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Fun At-Home Activities for Senior Citizens

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With the Covid pandemic and many other illnesses going around, many senior citizens are staying home the majority of the time. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, it may be a good idea to get them doing some fun at-home activities. There are many different activities that fall into this category.…

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