What Benefits Does Classical Music Have for Your Senior?

24-Hour Home Care in Lodi CA

24-Hour Home Care in Lodi CA

Every September is Classical Music Month, so it’s a wonderful time to take a closer look at why music is so important and what it can do for your aging family member. The benefits can be pretty surprising, especially when you realize that your elderly family member’s physical, mental, and emotional health can all benefit from even a little bit of classical music. Classical isn’t her thing? Music in general can help a lot, too.

Classical Music Can Calm High Blood Pressure

If your elderly family member has high blood pressure or other cardiovascular illnesses, classical music might just help to improve those numbers quite a bit. Experiment with different pieces and types of classical music to find the ones that your elderly family member enjoys the most. Other styles of music might help, too, so it can be a good idea to track blood pressure readings regularly. 24-hour home care can help your senior with that.

Cognitive Functions Might Improve with Classical Music

There is also research that suggests all types of music can help people with dementia and other cognitive challenges. Music your elderly family member always enjoyed may help her to remember specific events and experiences. Music that she’s never heard before can still help to improve cognitive performance.

Classical Music Might Improve Sleep

Because music helps with relaxation as well as relieving stress and anxious feelings, your elderly family member may find that she sleeps better when she listens to classical music regularly. It can also help to have 24-hour home care providers there with your elderly family member. Sometimes having someone there in the middle of the night can give your aging family member the reassurance she needs in order to sleep well.

Music Is Wonderful for Overall Quality of Life

If you’re looking for ways to improve your elderly family member’s quality of life, 24-hour home care providers can take care of a great many of the practical concerns. For additional improvement, consider adding more music in general. The music your elderly family member enjoys is only going to enhance her experiences every day, and hopefully cause her to feel better overall in general. That’s a really easy way to cause a big improvement in your senior’s life.

Moods Often Improve with Classical Music

If your elderly family member is having a tough time with mood regulation, then classical music may be a good solution to try. Music in general helps to increase feelings of joy and happiness. Along with reducing stress levels, that can lead to your senior experiencing much better moods than without music. Improving sleep and her quality of life in general also helps.

Classical music covers a lot of ground. There are usually multiple versions of almost every single piece of classical music, too. That means even if your elderly family member doesn’t enjoy full orchestral pieces, she might enjoy other versions, like individual instruments playing a particular song. It’s worth exploring all of the options to find what your elderly family member truly enjoys the most.

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