Is Your Dad’s Ability to Age at Home Changing?

Home Care Assistance in Modesto CA

Home Care Assistance in Modesto CA

Your dad’s plan has always been to age at home, but his ability to do so seems to be changing. He’s not keeping up with housework, and he doesn’t seem to eat more than snack foods or frozen pizzas. What do you do when his ability to take care of himself is changing? Here are a few steps to take, and how home care assistance can help.

Gather the Family

Hold a family meeting and ask about everything people see him struggling with. You might not have been in a car with your dad in months. Your brother is and noticed your dad cannot stand up without someone’s help.

Your sister noticed your dad only eats deli meat or PB & J sandwiches. He doesn’t seem able to use his stove or oven without someone else there to help him set the temperature or lift a heavier pot or pan.

How Is His Health?

How’s your dad’s general health? It’s not uncommon for older adults to have at least one chronic health condition. Two or more is also typical. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol are all common ailments.

If your dad has a chronic health condition, he’s going to be using prescription medications, exercise, diet, and regular follow-up appointments to control it. If he forgets a dose, it could lead to dire consequences. He needs help remembering when and how to take his medications.

Does He Still Drive?

Can your dad still drive? If he is driving, has he had an eye exam and gotten the doctor’s approval to keep driving? Eye conditions like cataracts may impact his ability to drive at night or in dark, stormy weather. Macular degeneration may prevent him from driving at all.

If he’s not driving, who brings him shopping and to appointments? You might not be able to get enough time off to bring him to every appointment he has. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have others available on days he needs a ride.

Where Is He Slowing Down?

As your dad tries to complete his daily routines, where does it take him more time than usual? If he’s finding it difficult to do his laundry, it’s time to address having someone there to do the laundry for him. He might want to have help changing his sheets and making his bed.

Is your dad finding it difficult to schedule appointments for practices that book appointments online? He’ll need help navigating that kind of system. If you can’t help him, make sure someone is free to schedule appointments for him.

Arrange Home Care Assistance to Assist Him

Home care assistance services ensure your dad has the support he needs to maintain his independence. Talk to a specialist in home care assistance and learn more about the range of services and prices that you can arrange for your dad to ensure he’s safe when he lives alone.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care assistance in Modesto, CA, please contact the caring staff at Provident Care Home Care today at (209) 578-1210.