How Does Stress Affect Seniors?

Companion Care at Home in Concord CA

Stress just doesn’t ever go away, even for aging adults. What matters is how seniors deal with their stress, because the effects of too much stress really can be debilitating. Figuring out what is contributing to stress for seniors makes managing the issue a lot easier. Here are some of the ways stress impacts seniors…

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How Do You Help Your Mom Maintain Her Independence?

Home Care Assistance in Moraga CA

Your mom lives alone and that worries you. If she’s sick, no one would know until they visit or she is able to make a call. If she fell, she might go hours or days before anyone knew. But, she wants to age in place and hates the idea of moving. How do you help…

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Five Ways Senior Home Care Addresses ADL Challenges

Senior Home Care in Walnut Creek CA

Seniors often find themselves approaching a time when they are having more and more trouble with something called ADLs. These are activities of daily living, which are activities that everyone performs on a regular daily basis. Eventually, seniors may find these tasks are just so much more difficult than they used to be. Having help…

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Six Ways Seniors Can Stay Active and Healthy While Aging in Place

Home Care in Moraga CA

It’s always easier to stay active and healthy if seniors are starting in a position of already trying to do those things. For some seniors, it’s tough to hit those marks without some extra help, and home care providers can be there for them all the way through any obstacles. Paying attention to some of…

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Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Seniors with Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home in Lodi CA

Seniors who are trying to stay in their own homes for as long as they can are doing something called aging in place. This means that family caregivers may need to look into all sorts of solutions to ensure that their aging family members are getting all of their needs addressed. Emotional needs are a…

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Some Great Volunteer Ideas for Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Danville CA

If your loved one has the desire to fill her time helping others, there are a lot of wonderful organizations out there that would love to have her volunteer. You might need to help with providing rides, so having a home care assistance provider help with driving your loved one to and from her volunteer…

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Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Dental Health

Elder Care in Lodi CA

If your senior has recently adopted a dog, you know that a lot of responsibility comes along with pet ownership. One area that many people forget about until it’s too late is their dog’s dental health. If you wait too long to give your loved one’s dog’s teeth the attention they deserve, your loved one…

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Use Holiday Visits to Talk to Your Dad About His Plans

Elder Care in Turlock CA

One difficulty that long-distance family caregivers face is knowing how their parents are doing from month to month. When you don’t see your dad in person regularly, the holiday visits can become shocking. The holidays are here and you’re spending time with your dad for the first time. You’ve noticed his balance is off. He’s…

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Four Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Home Care Assistance in Concord CA

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month. If your elderly loved one has been considering becoming a pet owner for companionship or any other reason, November is the perfect month to consider adopting an older pet. Many people who become pet owners love the idea of starting out with a pet when it’s young, determined…

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