How Do You Help Your Mom Maintain Her Independence?

Home Care Assistance in Moraga CA

Home Care Assistance in Moraga CA

Your mom lives alone and that worries you. If she’s sick, no one would know until they visit or she is able to make a call. If she fell, she might go hours or days before anyone knew. But, she wants to age in place and hates the idea of moving. How do you help your mom maintain her independence when she wants to age at home? It’s time to take a closer look at home care assistance.

Some Services Cover Personal Care

Hygiene and grooming both fall under personal care services. Your mom has someone to help her shower and wash her hair, dry off and apply moisturizer, and get dressed. Your mom has someone to help her trim her nails, shave, and apply face cream. Her hair is brushed and styled as she desires.

After she’s dressed, her caregiver can help her with her oral care routine. Her teeth get brushed and flossed. If she rinses with a fluoride mouthwash, it’s poured and she has help with it. Her caregiver can apply lip balm if desired after that.

Other Services Cover Housekeeping and Laundry

Caregivers help with housekeeping. They can vacuum carpets and stairs, sweep hardwood or tile floors, and dust. They’ll wash and dry dishes, put them away, and wipe down counters. Trash and recycling are emptied into the bin and wheeled out to the curb as needed.

Another benefit is laundry. When your mom’s sheets need changing, her caregiver will change them and gather the dirty laundry. Everything gets washed, dried, ironed, and put away.

The Rest of the Services Are About Companionship

Companionship is a big part of home care assistance. Your mom isn’t alone all day when you’re unavailable or if you live in another state. She has a caregiver stopping by to check on her and keep her company.

If she needs a ride to a store, a social event, a support group, or an appointment, she has it. If she has errands to run, her caregiver is there. At home, she has someone to talk to, join for games or movies, or accompany her on walks.

Ask Her What She Needs

Before you arrange home care assistance, ask your mom what she needs. You might find there are things she does but doesn’t feel safe doing when no one is around. Once you know, make sure you ask about the services she mentioned.

To remain independent and safe, your mom needs to be able to take care of herself, make and get to appointments, and have a clean, organized home. If she cannot do all of this on her own, arrange home care assistance.

With home care assistance, caregivers help your mom with her self-care, home care, and transportation needs. Learn more about the availability of services by talking to a specialist in home care.

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