Companion Care at Home is a Key Component of Aging in Place

Companion Care at Home in Concord CA

Companion Care at Home in Concord CA

It’s normal for seniors to want to age in place as gracefully and independently as they possibly can. The reality is, though, that they are going to need some type of support to do that well. As they start to need even more help, seniors need a plan for aging in place well. Eventually they may even need home care assistance. Before that point, it might be a good idea for families to consider companion care at home as a first step in the plan.

Understanding Aging in Place

The idea of aging in place is often confusing for families and sometimes seniors, especially in the beginning. What this means is that seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as they can. For some seniors, that means that they actively don’t want to leave their homes to live with family, to move to an assisted living facility, or anything similar. This can be scary for some seniors, however, especially if they live alone and start to gradually become less connected with people. It can lead to isolation, which is not healthy for seniors.

Personalized Companionship

Companion care at home offers personalized companionship to seniors. Some seniors like a lot of companionship, for instance. But others might only like to be around people for a few hours a week. What matters is that the individual person is able to get their companionship needs met.

Emotional Support at Home

Another aspect of seniors working with companion caregivers is that the caregivers come to them. They don’t have to leave home unless they want to do so. Aging can bring with it some feelings that seniors aren’t sure how to unpack alone. Anxiety, loneliness, and feeling isolated might be new feelings for seniors to experience. Having someone to talk to and spend time with can make a huge difference.

Social Engagement Is Important, Too

Emotional support is helpful, but so is social engagement. This means that seniors might be engaging in activities, going on outings, participating in community activities, and so much more. With the help of companion caregivers, it can be a lot easier for seniors to embrace being more socially engaged.

Prioritizing Safety and Security

Companion caregivers are an important part of the beginning stages of aging in place because they know what seniors need to be safe and secure. They can watch for signs that seniors might be experiencing bigger challenges and they can be aware of potential hazards. When they share this information with family caregivers, they’re often better prepared to make informed decisions about what might need to happen next.

Coordinating Care

Companion care at home isn’t there to offer hands-on help for seniors, but working with companion caregivers is a good first step. Family caregivers get to learn more about coordinating care and how to do so in the best ways for the seniors they love. They also find it easier to ramp up to different types of home care as that help becomes more necessary.

Aging in place successfully means looking at a variety of different factors that affect the senior in question. Companion care at home can be a great place to start making a plan for the future and for aging in place.

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