Five Ways for Seniors to Rebuild Their Social Lives

Companion Care at Home in Modesto CA

Companion Care at Home in Modesto CA

All too often, seniors don’t realize that their social lives can start to suffer over time. Big life changes, like losing a spouse or worsening health, make it even more difficult for seniors to have the companionship that they need and want. That means they need to explore new options for socializing, like spending time with companion care at home.

Make Companionship a Priority

The easiest way for seniors to start to rebuild their social lives is to make companionship a priority. They can do this by starting to form meaningful connections with other people, like home care providers, as they encounter them in their daily lives. Gradually spending more time with caregivers and other people helps seniors to branch out and spread their wings socially. They become more willing to reach out to other people they encounter, too.

Keep the Process Simple

None of this has to be complicated, but it can feel as though it is. Starting out small and gradually expanding social engagements can help. This is also why spending time with companion care at home can be so helpful. Companion caregivers are happy to move at the senior’s pace, offering friendship while engaging in other activities or simply sitting and talking.

Work through Shame and Embarrassment

Shame and embarrassment are common for people who are feeling lonely and who aren’t sure how to get back to socializing more often. Without getting past those feelings, companionship does feel more complicated than it really is. Offering kindness and compassion is a good way to help seniors understand that there is nothing for them to feel embarrassed or ashamed of.

Find a Variety of Tools and Options

There are lots of different ways that seniors can become more socially engaged. If they’re more extroverted, then activities like volunteering might feel good for them. Seniors who are more introverted might find it easier to use solutions like video calling or social media to stay in contact with other people. Connecting in person is really important, though.

Help Others Reach Out, Too

It can also help if other family members and friends know how to reach out to seniors and help them to jumpstart their socializing. Putting together a group data sheet with contact information and timing instructions could help a great deal. This might also be something that companion caregivers could help seniors to put together and manage so that they can encourage other people to reach out more often.

Rebuilding social lives for seniors is possible, but it can take a bit of creativity, too. Companion care at home is a great way for seniors to start out flexing their wings and being more socially active. From there, seniors have lots of different options for ways to interact with other people more often and keep engaging with them on a regular basis. Maintaining those connections is a two-way street, so encouraging other people to hold up their end of the relationship makes the process easier all the way around.

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