Alzheimer’s Disease Aggression: What Are Common Triggers?

Elder Care in Modesto CA

Did you know that aggression is quite common in those with Alzheimer’s disease? Unfortunately, there are a lot of family caregivers who are unaware of what causes the aggression. If you aren’t familiar with the causes, it can make handling it much more difficult. However, you don’t have to keep struggling so much with this…

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Why Does Sundowning Happen?

Home Care in Concord CA

Every day at the same time, your dad becomes overly confused and agitated. He gets aggressive and will not sit still. These are all key signs of sundowning, but why does it happen? The reality is that there is no clear answer to why sundowning happens. Some people with dementia never experience it, and others…

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Can Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease Be Independent?

Companion Care at Home in Brentwood CA

Are you noticing your elderly loved one still wants to do things on their own, even though they have Alzheimer’s disease? This is quite common, at least in the early stage of this disease. If you and companion care at home providers are recognizing your elderly loved one’s desire to be independent, it may be…

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