Alzheimer’s Disease Aggression: What Are Common Triggers?

Elder Care in Modesto CA

Elder Care in Modesto CA

Did you know that aggression is quite common in those with Alzheimer’s disease? Unfortunately, there are a lot of family caregivers who are unaware of what causes the aggression. If you aren’t familiar with the causes, it can make handling it much more difficult. However, you don’t have to keep struggling so much with this when caring for your elderly loved one. You can learn about some of the common triggers for aggression in Alzheimer’s disease today.


One of the most common things that causes aggression in someone who has this disease is tiredness. If your elderly loved one hasn’t been getting quality sleep or enough sleep, it could make them aggressive during the day or nighttime hours. The best way to find out if this is the cause is to speak with anyone who cares for your elderly loved one including their elder care providers. Find out if they are getting the sleep they need. If not, you can talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor to try finding a solution, so they can sleep better and then, hopefully, stop being so aggressive.

Dealing with Pain

Another common cause of aggression in those with Alzheimer’s disease is pain. Does your elderly loved one have any reason to be in pain? Maybe they have a chronic painful condition? Did they get injured? If there does seem to be a reason for the pain, you should get them the treatment they need through their doctor or at home. Sometimes, it is just a matter of using a heating pad or ice pack. Once the pain is resolved, if that is what was causing the aggression, it can make things much better.

Environmental Issues

There might be issues in the environment that are causing your elderly loved one to become aggressive, as well. Some of these issues might include:

  • A loud television or radio
  • Too many people in the area
  • Loud conversations
  • Too much or too little light
  • Clutter
  • Too many things going on in the house

If you can’t find any other reason for the aggression that your elderly loved one is displaying, it could be the environment. It could very well be just one certain person that shows up that aggravates them, too. If that is the case, it may be best to have just one or two elder care providers come in from now on.

These are only some of the reasons why a person who has Alzheimer’s disease might get aggressive. However, these are common reasons and if any of them are happening for your elderly loved one, it could be why they are suddenly yelling, screaming, or hitting. If you find the trigger and can get rid of that problem, hopefully, it will help your elderly loved one to stop being so aggressive. If your elderly loved one continues with the aggression, no matter what you try, call their doctor to see what else can be done


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