How Home Care Assistance Can Help Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Stockton CA

As you look at the different types of care options available for your senior, you might wonder if they’ll truly give her what she needs. It can be helpful to look at what exactly home care assistance does for your senior and compare that with what she needs at this stage of her life. Remember…

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Signs Your Senior Parent Needs An Eye Exam

Senior Home Care in Turlock CA

August is National Eye Exam Month! Has it been over a year since your senior parent had an eye exam? If so now is a fantastic time to get an eye appointment scheduled for them or take them to get an eye exam. If your senior loved one has been having trouble with their eyes…

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What Can You Do to Help a Senior Recovering from a Stroke?

Elder Care in Danville CA

A stroke happens when blood flow in the brain suddenly stops, either briefly or even for minutes at a time. Damage to the brain from a stroke can range from mild to incredibly severe, resulting in difficulty controlling body movement, speech difficulties, and other problems. Here’s what you need to know as your senior recovers…

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5 New Activities to Try During National Anti-Boredom Month

Companion Care at Home in Manteca CA

Each July, National Anti-Boredom Month kicks off as a way to help ease the boredom people experience when the weather gets too hot to spend too much time outside. Family gatherings on the Fourth of July kick off the month, but families do their own summer activities after that. For older adults, the hot weather…

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4 Things Seniors Should Have At Home for Safety

Senior Home Care in Concord CA

Many seniors can thrive aging in place in their family home. However, it’s important for seniors and their families to recognize that aging in place requires some changes at home and some adaptations for safety. Aging comes with challenges, and even though not all seniors will have the same challenges, there are some things that…

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Getting Overnight Help for Your Elderly Loved One

24-Hour Home Care in Stockton CA

Caring for an elderly loved one oftentimes requires you to make important decisions regarding their comfort, safety, and health. Family and work obligations can make overnight care challenging, however. If you have things going on that prevent you from providing overnight care to your elderly loved one, you may want to think about hiring 24-hour…

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6 Ways Home Care Can Make Life Easier for a Senior with Vision Loss

Home Care in Lodi CA

Vision challenges can make older adults withdraw and shy away from the things that they love to do. That doesn’t have to be daily life for your senior, though. With the help of home care, there are so many things that she can still enjoy doing, even with a little bit of extra assistance here…

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Discover the Facts During National Aphasia Awareness Month

Home Care Assistance in Modesto CA

Did you know that more than eight out of ten people have never even heard of the medical disorder known as aphasia? Until Bruce Willis revealed he had it, it was a relatively unknown condition affecting about two million Americans. Aphasia is a communication disorder that often appears after a stroke, but it can appear…

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What Services are Part of Companion Care at Home?

Companion Care at Home in Turlock CA

Companion care at home is an essential service for older adults who want to age in place. Your mom doesn’t want to move. You want to make sure that happens. One thing to do now is schedule companion care at home to help with many different tasks around the house. What Can Caregivers Do? Before…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Care in Stockton CA

Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of senior citizens who have dementia? About ¾ of all those who have dementia are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Every year there are new cases and researchers are trying to find a cure. At this point the disease can’t be cured, however, there are treatments and some…

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