What Should Families Do When Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease Wander?

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There are a lot of different symptoms and challenges that come along with Alzheimer’s disease. One that is particularly concerning for family caregivers is wandering. For many seniors this means that they wander around the house, seemingly without a purpose. But the most dangerous form of wandering is when someone leaves the house entirely, even…

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A Parent With Alzheimer’s Often Needs More Care Than You’d Imagine

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An estimated 6.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. This number keeps increasing, and medications may help slow the progression of the symptoms, but the disease has no cure. Families are often caught unaware of just how much care someone with Alzheimer’s requires. Constant Dealings With Incontinence Incontinence is common in the mid to late stages…

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Alzheimer’s Disease Aggression: What Are Common Triggers?

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Did you know that aggression is quite common in those with Alzheimer’s disease? Unfortunately, there are a lot of family caregivers who are unaware of what causes the aggression. If you aren’t familiar with the causes, it can make handling it much more difficult. However, you don’t have to keep struggling so much with this…

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