Things to Know About Epilepsy on Epilepsy Awareness Day

Home Care in Turlock CA

Epilepsy Awareness Day, also known as Purple Day, is a day for raising awareness of the facts regarding epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disease where signals in the brain become disturbed, triggering a seizure. These are the facts you should know about the disease and how home care can help your senior manage it. Epilepsy Affects…

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How Personal Care At Home Helps Seniors With ALS

Personal Care at Home in Manteca CA

Seniors who have ALS may think that they can’t spend their remaining years at home because of the side effects. As ALS progresses, the side effects of this disease like weakness in the ankles, feet, and legs, trouble swallowing, trouble gripping things, trouble walking, and cognitive problems will get worse. But with personal care at…

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Five Things Your Senior Needs to Know about Arthritis

In-Home Care in Brentwood CA

Arthritis is incredibly common in both older and younger people. For your senior, it can be disheartening to find that joints she used to rely on are now in a lot of pain and don’t function the way that they used to. In some advanced cases of arthritis, having help from in-home care providers can…

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