How Personal Care At Home Helps Seniors With ALS

Personal Care at Home in Manteca CA

Personal Care at Home in Manteca CA

Seniors who have ALS may think that they can’t spend their remaining years at home because of the side effects. As ALS progresses, the side effects of this disease like weakness in the ankles, feet, and legs, trouble swallowing, trouble gripping things, trouble walking, and cognitive problems will get worse. But with personal care at home, seniors with ALS can remain in the home where they feel comfortable safely. Personal care at home helps seniors with unique challenges like ALS so that they can get the care they need in a discreet and dignified way. Personal care at home can help seniors who have ALS with activities of daily living like:


Showering or bathing can be difficult and not very safe for people who have ALS. Typical symptoms of ALS include trouble walking and trouble with hand and eye coordination, which means that seniors who are trying to shower, walk on a wet floor, or use soap in the shower have a high risk of falling and getting hurt. But with personal care at home, seniors will have a trained and experienced care provider to help them with hygiene tasks and make sure that they are comfortable.

Getting Around The House

Seniors with ALS have a high risk of falling at home, and falls at home can be very serious for seniors. They can result in broken bones, serious bruises, or even death. With personal care at home seniors will have someone there with them to help them safely get around the house. Getting in and out bed, getting to the bathroom, getting to the dining room to eat, and getting to the living room to hang out will all be safer and easier with personal care.

Getting Dressed

Getting dressed can be uniquely challenging for seniors with ALS, but it doesn’t have to be. Experienced care providers who have worked with seniors who have ALS before know efficient and gentle ways to help seniors get dressed including putting on socks and shoes and undergarments so that seniors will feel good and look good. Seniors are much more likely to engage with the world and go out and socialize when they feel like they look presentable. And with personal care they will have the help they need to get dressed, brush or comb their hair, put on deodorant, brush their teeth, and feel confident that they are ready to be around other people.


Poor grip strength and trouble with their hands can make it difficult for seniors to eat. And as the disease progresses they may have trouble swallowing and need help to make sure they can drink safely. With personal care at home seniors will have kind and patient assistance with using utensils, drinking, and eating so that they can safely enjoy delicious meals and drinks without worrying about spilling or making a mess. And the care providers will take care of the cleanup too.


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