Meal Planning Tips For Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Turlock CA

For seniors that have trouble shopping or just don’t like doing it, meal planning is a great way to cut down on trips to the store. With home care assistance to help with things like chopping, cleaning vegetables, and portioning food seniors can prepare many of their meals in advance so that they don’t have…

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How Cats Can Help Seniors with Depression?

Home Care in Concord CA

Seniors are experiencing record levels of depression and loneliness. Being depressed and socially isolated can be very bad for a senior’s physical and mental health. August 8th is International Cat Day, and it’s a great time to learn more about the many benefits that seniors can get from having a cat companion. One of the…

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Signs Your Senior Parent Needs An Eye Exam

Senior Home Care in Turlock CA

August is National Eye Exam Month! Has it been over a year since your senior parent had an eye exam? If so now is a fantastic time to get an eye appointment scheduled for them or take them to get an eye exam. If your senior loved one has been having trouble with their eyes…

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Tips For Making The Most Nutritious Shakes For Seniors

In-Home care in Modesto CA

March is National Nutrition Month and since many seniors struggle to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals they need, it’s a great time to look for ways to help seniors manage their nutrition. Nutritional shakes and bars are a very effective way for seniors who are not eating enough to get the full…

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