Your Mom’s Exhausted, How Do You Help?

Personal Care at Home in Turlock CA

Personal Care at Home in Turlock CA

Many chronic health conditions can lead to exhaustion. Some are physically exhausting and others are mentally exhausting. Your mom’s been battling the flu for a couple of weeks. Her energy fades as the day progresses.

That’s just one reason your mom may be struggling with exhaustion. COVID, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, and depression are others. When your mom is so tired that she cannot get up the energy to take care of herself. How do you help her? Personal care at home is the best solution.

Talk to Her Doctor

If your mom hasn’t talked to her doctor about her lack of energy, she needs to. That has to be the first step. It’s important to rule out things that are easily treated.

If her exhaustion is occurring with cancer treatments like chemo or radiation, there may be tips her doctors can offer. If it’s tied to her battle with COVID, she may have long-COVID, and her doctor may want to check her for possible health issues that could be treated.

Make Sure Someone Can Help Her Shower and Dress

When energy is depleted, standing up to shower is challenging. A shower seat will help, but for her safety, make sure she’s not alone while she showers. She doesn’t have to lose her privacy, but she can have an aide there to support her while she steps into the shower and sits down on a shower chair.

Her aide can hand her the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. When your mom wants to get out, her caregiver can hand her a towel, help her step out, and dry off. When she’s ready to get dressed, her personal care aide helps with that too.

For now, it can help your mom to have help applying moisturizer, cutting her nails, and shaving her legs. As she regains strength, she’ll be able to rely less on her personal care aides. But, when she needs help, it’s important that she accepts it and doesn’t let her pride get in the way.

Arrange Support When She Gets Out of Bed

When your mom wakes up, sitting up and standing up usually takes time. Her balance is off. She can have caregivers in her home to help support her when she gets out of bed. Once she’s steady, she’s okay to be left on her own.

Discover the Benefits of Personal Care Aides

So many things can lead to exhaustion, and it’s important that your mom’s personal care doesn’t go ignored when she’s out of energy. Hire personal care at home aides to help her maintain her hygiene and grooming routines.

She can have her aides with her until she’s feeling back to normal. If she needs personal care at home for years, that’s fine. What’s most important is that she’s able to maintain personal care without struggling.


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