Some Great Volunteer Ideas for Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Danville CA

Home Care Assistance in Danville CA

If your loved one has the desire to fill her time helping others, there are a lot of wonderful organizations out there that would love to have her volunteer. You might need to help with providing rides, so having a home care assistance provider help with driving your loved one to and from her volunteer opportunities can be one way to get her out there serving her community.

Volunteering not only serves others but has been shown to help improve the spirit of the one who is volunteering. The volunteer receives the gift of connecting with others and finding a purpose for her day or week. It can motivate them to get out and be active again. The benefits are multiple.

If your loved one has expressed an interest in volunteering to you, here are just a few areas you can look into based on her interests. While she can volunteer anywhere, many volunteers find it much more rewarding to volunteer in areas that speak to their passions or talents.

In her faith community

If your loved one is active in her faith community, she might find joy in volunteering for her church, synagogue, or mosque. Often these communities can use help during their weekly services, such as ushering people to their seats, serving coffee after the service, or helping with the children’s programs. They might even have a senior’s program that she could not only attend but serve at. You can ask her home care assistance provider to help with getting her to and from the events.

With animals

If your loved one has a huge heart for all things furry, then she might want to look into volunteering at her local shelter or humane society. These organizations can often use volunteers to help groom the pets or take them out for walks. They might need someone to help in the shop or organize the back room.

With children

If your loved one loves the little ones, she can look at being a volunteer grandparent at organizations like Kid Stop (an after-school program) or the Girl or Boy Scouts. Her home care assistance provider can help with rides to and from events that she can serve at such as picnics or fairs for the kids. Your loved one can also check with the schools nearby as they often need volunteers to help with lunch duty or in the library.

Sharing her talents

If your loved one has always had a passion for gardening, she might enjoy volunteering at a local park or garden, helping them keep up the plants so they look beautiful for others. If she’s passionate about cooking, she might find a shelter where she can help prepare meals for those who frequent the shelter.

Many places advertise for volunteers but if your loved one knows of a place or organization that she feels strongly about, it doesn’t hurt to ask if she can volunteer in some capacity even if they don’t advertise that they need help. She might end up being just what they needed!

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