Six Reasons Elder Care Is the Best Choice for Your Senior

Elder Care in Modesto CA

Elder Care in Modesto CA

After your mom’s fall, it’s clear she needs help around her home. She was carrying laundry when she lost her balance on the stairs. She’ll be okay, but she needs help with household chores. Have you considered elder care as the best solution for her care needs?

Elder care is beneficial for older adults who live alone. While there are dozens of reasons to consider this home care service, there are six key reasons to arrange it.

Your Mom Has Company

When you’re not around, your mom complains about feeling isolated. You can ease this by arranging companion care services. Your mom has a caregiver who stops by for the sole purpose of providing companionship.

She doesn’t have to be alone all week. Your mom’s caregiver can play a board game with her, join her on walks around town, or take her shopping. If your mom wants to watch a movie, her caregiver is there. If she’d like to have someone join her for her meals, she has a caregiver right there.

Your Mom Remembers to Take Her Medications

Each day, your mom has pills she has to take to maintain her health. Her caregiver can remind her when it’s time. If your mom is often confused by which pills are taken on an empty stomach, which requires a meal, and whether she takes them with milk or water, her caregiver will remind her.

Her caregiver can also help her keep track of when it’s time to refill a prescription. They can order the refill and pick it up or schedule it for delivery.

Your Mom Has Help Doing the Laundry

It’s getting harder for your mom to do the laundry on her own. Her caregiver can help her or take over that chore. Your mom may be ready to have someone else setting up a load, moving it to the dryer, ironing items that need it, and putting everything away. That’s another popular service from an elder care agency.

Your Mom’s Home Is Clean and Organized

Laundry is only part of a household routine. Vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, and using a dust mop on hardwood floors are part of your mom’s weekly routine. Her caregiver can do it for her.

Your mom has someone to wash dishes or run the dishwasher, put everything away when it’s clean and dry, and wipe the table and counters. Sinks, faucet handles, and door knobs are all items your mom’s caregiver can sanitize to limit germs.

Your Mom Has a Ride

When your mom needs to go shopping, she may not be allowed to drive for now. A broken ankle, leg, or arm makes it impossible to steer and work the gas and brake pedals properly. Your mom’s caregiver can drive her to stores and other area businesses.

You Get to Take Breaks When Needed

If you’re caring for your mom, it’s going to take up a lot of your time. Even a few hours a day will eat into your usual schedule. If you have children, a spouse or partner, pets, and a job, you end up with very little time for yourself. Make sure you have time for yourself.

One elder care service known as respite care is especially helpful to family caregivers. You’ll have the chance to take a break and focus on self-care, but you’re not leaving your mom alone. She’s with a caregiver who can do things for her.

Elder care services help your mom age at home without risking her safety or becoming isolated. Talk to a specialist in home care to get answers to your questions and make the necessary arrangements.

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