The Best Foods For Diabetic Seniors To Eat

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

If your senior parent has diabetes, they need to be very careful with their diet, which can be difficult for seniors that are living alone. Often when seniors are aging in place they rely on microwave meals or easy-to-cook prepared meals, but those meals are full of sodium, carbs, and other ingredients that can be…

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Understanding the Power of Deep Breathing for Seniors

Elder Care in Lodi CA

It’s easy to forget about one of the most important components of our wellbeing in the midst of daily chaos: our breath. Deep breathing is a very powerful yet simple exercise that is especially beneficial for seniors. Deep breathing can be quite beneficial as we age and realize how important it is to preserve both…

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What to Know about Personal Care at Home and Dental Hygiene

Personal Care at Home in Lodi CA

Maintaining personal hygiene, especially dental hygiene, becomes more and more important for seniors as they age. Dental routines help seniors to maintain their health, their confidence, and even their independence. At some point, having a little extra help managing dental hygiene becomes crucial and personal care at home can make these tasks easier for seniors…

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Five Reasons Seniors Struggle with Sleep

Senior Home Care in Stockton CA

Everybody needs sleep, particularly seniors. But many times, seniors find themselves waking up in the middle of the night, having a tough time sleeping at all, or staying up way too late. Their sleep quality suffers greatly. Understanding why they’re having trouble enables family caregivers to do something about this problem. Senior home care providers…

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What Changes in Hygiene Mean that Seniors Need More Help?

Personal Care at Home in Modesto CA

Changes in hygiene habits are not surprising for many family caregivers when it comes to aging adults. But some of these changes may be an indication that seniors need more help than they currently have available to them. Personal care at home can offer tons of support with hygiene tasks. What’s most important is for…

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How Seniors Can Prevent Skin Infections

Personal Care at Home in Brentwood CA

As seniors get older, their skin becomes thinner and more delicate. Seniors are more susceptible to skin infections because of the way that skin naturally changes with age. When skin infections go unnoticed or untreated they can cause serious health problems for seniors. Sometimes severe infections even require that seniors be hospitalized. There are a…

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Seniors

Home Care in Lodi CA

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And too often seniors skip it because they don’t feel like making a meal or because they are struggling to get going in the morning. Home care can help seniors with meals, including breakfast. Seniors who aren’t eating enough benefit from having a home care provider…

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The Steps to Follow When Setting Up for Your Dad’s Bath Day

Personal Care at Home in Moraga CA

Daily showers or baths are unnecessary in older adults. Aging skin tends to be drier and also thins out. Too many showers, especially with harsher shower gels and bar soap, can dry the skin even more. Unless your dad is particularly sweaty, it’s okay to set one morning aside for a bath. When it is…

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4 Unexpected Benefits Of Walking For Seniors

Home Care in Modesto CA

All seniors should be getting as much movement as they can during the day. It’s strongly recommended that seniors get at least 20 minutes of activity most days of the week. Walking is one of the preferred ways for seniors to get activity because it’s easy to do for most people and doesn’t require additional…

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