What Simple Home Modifications Help Seniors to Be Safer?

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

When family caregivers think about home modifications to keep their aging adults safer, they often worry that the solutions are going to be complicated and expensive. Sometimes the simple solutions and modifications are the best options, however. For instance, bringing senior home care services in does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to helping seniors be safer at home. Here are some other examples of simple home modifications to try.


Poor lighting can cause seniors to fall or have other accidents, which can cause long-term issues for them. Seniors who have trouble seeing well especially need improved lighting in their homes. Switching from dimmer bulbs to brighter LED bulbs is a good solution. Motion-sensing bulbs or fixtures is also helpful.

Tripping Hazards

Clutter, loose rugs, and damaged flooring all can cause tripping hazards for aging adults. Removing these hazards is imperative in order to create a safer space for seniors to age in place. Once the home is decluttered and tripping hazards are removed, home care providers can make it easier for the home to stay tidy and safer.


Handrails or grab bars throughout the home offer essential support and stability, especially for seniors who have mobility trouble. Handrails need to be in every stairway, as well as hallways and any open areas where seniors might run into trouble while walking. Grab bars can also help seniors to feel safer in particularly vulnerable areas, like the bathroom.


There are a lot of assistive devices meant especially for bathrooms. If possible, remodeling the bathroom to install a walk-in shower is ideal. That’s not always possible to do, though. Adding grab bars, swapping out showerheads for a handheld showerhead, and raising the toilet seat are all modifications to consider. Non-slip mats are best, especially around the tub or shower stall.


In the bedroom, seniors need to know that they can relax and feel safe. Motion-sensing nightlights can be helpful for nighttime bathroom trips. It’s also a good idea to keep assistive devices close to the bed. If the bed is too high, consider swapping the frame for one that is lower and easier to get in and out of safely.


In the kitchen, lowering counters and cabinets would be ideal. Again, a complete kitchen remodel isn’t always in the cards. In those cases, moving frequently-used and heavy items to lower cabinets makes it easier to access them. Pull-out shelves, lever-style faucet handles, and large knobs for appliances are other options to consider.

Extra Help

One of the best home modifications, though, is to ensure that seniors have a lot of extra help. Senior home care providers understand the challenges that older adults face as they age in place. Caregivers formulate customized care plans to help the seniors in their care to remain as safe as possible.

Often it seems like the simple solutions may not be enough, but they really can be. Especially with the help for senior home care providers, family caregivers can do a lot to help their aging adults to be safer at home.

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