Driving Safety Tips For Seniors

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

Senior Home Care in Brentwood CA

Seniors may be able to drive themselves without any issues for many years. But, in order for seniors to be safe drivers, they need to take some extra precautions. They will need to take into account the normal effects of aging like having slower reaction times. Here are some things that seniors can do to make sure they are driving safely, and how senior home care can help when driving is no longer safe:

Driving Only During The Day

Because seniors may have trouble seeing at night the way they used to it’s a good idea for seniors to only drive during daylight hours. If seniors need to go out when it’s dark like early in the morning or in the evening during the winter when it gets dark early it’s a good idea to have a senior home care provider or a family member with them who can take over the driving if necessary or provide an extra set of eyes and ears.

Getting A Car With Modern Safety Features

The old family car may have a lot of memories, but today’s modern vehicles have safety features that can be very useful for seniors. Newer cars have equipment like GPS trackers, on-board voice assistance that can summon emergency services or call a child or caregiver if necessary, and back up cameras to make driving easier and safer for seniors. Some cars even have brake assist and park assist where the car will immediately brake if it senses something in the way of the car and park itself too. Buying a newer car with modern technology can give seniors access to great safety tools.

Having Someone In The Car With Them

It’s a good idea for seniors to take someone with them when they are driving. Running errands, going to the doctor, or going to appointments like a hair appointment will be easier and safer if seniors have a loved one, a caregiver, or a home care provider with them. Having someone in the car will ensure that don’t get lost or get confused when they are driving. And if your senior loved one becomes confused or sick there will be someone right there to help them pull over and someone who can take over the driving.

Making Sure The Car Is In Good Condition

Seniors should always make sure their cars are in good condition and have all necessary maintenance done. Changing the tires, getting oil changes, making sure the registration is valid, and even getting car washes are all necessary to keep the car in good condition. When cars are kept up and the tires are rotated regularly and other maintenance tasks are done there’s a lower chance that the car will break down and leave your senior loved one stranded somewhere. It’s also a good idea to have emergency roadside assistance just in care a breakdown happens, a battery dies, or some other emergency happens.

What Happens When Safe Driving is No Longer an Option?

Most adults want to maintain their independence as long as possible. But, when the time comes that your senior feels unsafe driving, or you see signs they are struggling, senior home care can be there to help. One of the many benefits of home care services is transportation. A senior home care provider can drive your parent to doctor appointments, fitness classes, family gatherings and more.

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