How Home Care Can Help Your Senior Enjoy Water Aerobics

Home Care in Concord CA
Home Care in Concord CA

Your mother has expressed an interest in exercising but you’re concerned about her safety, and how you will be able to fit more into your caregiving schedule.

However, what kinds of activities could your mother still do, with the right help? You may not think certain activities are worth looking into at her age, like swimming. However, swimming is actually one of the best cardio exercises for people of advancing years that will also minimize the stress and strain on their joints and muscles.

Could you help your mother with these activities?

You very well might be able to, but what if it is an uncomfortable situation? Maybe you are her adult son and the idea of helping her get changed into her bathing suit or back out again, assisting her with a shower is something neither one of you wants to look into. What do you do then?

Or, what if you have a job and are unable to bring her to the local YMCA or other aquatics center during the week when senior activities are taking place?

If you are like most family caregivers, you may discourage her from even thinking about it. You will assume it is dangerous, unsafe, or not smart for somebody of her advancing years and declining health to even look into.

However, like we mentioned earlier, certain exercises and activities can be incredibly beneficial for people of all ages, including those who may have had a heart attack somewhat recently.

What could swimming or other water activities do for your elderly mother?

When was the last time you went for a nice swim? Maybe you did some laps in your younger years in a local pool or at college. What did it feel like?

Invigorating, right? That’s because so many muscles are getting exercise and your heart is pumping oxygen throughout your body, including to your brain. All of those endorphins being released in your brain help you feel good and energized.

Plus, on top of that, your heart rate was elevated, which means it was getting incredible exercise to strengthen it. Many people overlook the simple reality that the heart is a muscle and, like every other muscle in the body, requires exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Home care can help her in these situations.

Many home care agencies offer transportation for your mother to get her to and from an aquatic center or the local swimming pool to exercise, that could be a wonderful benefit for her physically, emotionally, and mentally.

When aging seniors are able to do some of the things they still crave, it has the great power to lift their spirits and help them feel connected to the world once again and this could very well be something your mother wants.

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