How Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Manage Their Blood Sugar

Home Care Assistance in Danville CA

Home Care Assistance in Danville CA

Diabetes is very common in senior adults. As humans age, the pancreas produces less insulin, which means that blood sugar remains elevated for longer. Estimates are that more than 20 millions seniors have diabetes.

If your senior parent has Type 2 diabetes, you already know how important it is that they manage their blood sugar. For seniors that are aging in place making sure that they track their sugar levels and do whatever they can to stabilize them can be tough. Home care assistance can help.

If seniors don’t manage their blood sugar or take steps to manage their diabetes they can end up with physical problems like:

  • Kidney disease including kidney failure.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Heart disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) – narrowed blood vessels.
  • Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage.
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

Home care assistance can help seniors do the things they need to do keep their blood sugar in a healthy range like:

Eat A Low Carb Diet

Seniors who are diabetic should be eating a low-carb diet that is recommended by their doctor. Decreasing carbs and increasing the amount of vegetables in their diet can help seniors stabilize their blood sugar. It also may help seniors lose weight if they overweight. With home care assistance seniors can enjoy healthy meals that have lots of vegetables instead of processed carbs.

Move More

Seniors who have limited mobility or joint problems can’t do the kind of exercise that is often recommended for people with diabetes. But any movement is good for stabilizing blood sugar and improving health.
Seniors who are aging in place but can’t do a lot of exercise can do chair exercises, simple walking around the house or yard, and other movements that can help them get their diabetes under control.

Drink More Water

Most seniors are chronically dehydrated. Being dehydrated can put stress on the kidneys and make your senior parent more likely to suffer from side effects of diabetes. Seniors should be drinking water throughout the day.

If your senior parent doesn’t like plain water there are alternatives they can try like sugar free juice, fruit-infused water, sparkling water, or iced tea without sugar. Drinks can contain hidden sugars, so it’s best if your senior parent sticks to water or something like fruit-infused water that has only natural fruit flavor.

Get Dental Cleanings

Dental health is very important in managing diabetes. Seniors who have diabetes run the risk of getting infections and having other complications related to poor dental hygiene. Most doctors and dentists recommend that seniors with diabetes get a deep cleaning, which is sometimes called a root planing, at least twice a year. This deep cleaning will make it easier for seniors to maintain good dental hygiene at home, even if they have a hard time brushing and flossing. And it will help seniors manage their diabetes by preventing infections.


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