Five Reasons Your Senior May Need to Stop Driving

Elder Care in Lodi CA
Elder Care in Lodi CA

As your senior grows older, driving becomes more of a concern. Just being older doesn’t mean she can’t drive, of course, but it does mean that she needs to be more aware of possible issues while she is behind the wheel.

She’s Exercising Poor Judgment Behind the Wheel

It’s possible that you don’t know exactly what it’s like to be in the car while your senior drives, but you can get an idea what her decision-making process is like. If she’s getting a lot of tickets or has been pulled over and “warned” more than a few times, she may not be making the right choices as she’s driving. Talk to your senior about what driving is like for her and ask what changes she’s willing to make.

She’s Experiencing Medication Side Effects

Medication has some serious impacts on your senior. Some of those side effects might include dizziness, drowsiness, and even difficulty thinking. These side effects can worsen over time, even for medications your elderly family member has taken for many years with no issues. If her side effects are becoming more severe, her doctor may need to adjust the dosage or try another medication.

Her Vision Is Changing Significantly

If your elderly family member can’t see obstacles, it’s going to be really difficult for her to avoid them and that’s a huge problem when she’s behind the wheel. Regular eye exams help you and your senior to stay on top of her vision and whether she’s still able to see well. If her vision is changing dramatically, driving may need to be something she turns over to someone else.

She’s Distracted While Driving

Distracted driving is a huge problem for drivers of all ages. It can be especially problematic for your senior, though, especially if she’s dealing with issues like diminished reaction time. Talk to your senior about what her experiences are as she’s driving. If she sounds like there’s too much going on, she may be better off as a passenger.

She’s Afraid to Drive

Being afraid of driving is not a good sign, either. This can mean that your elderly family member is making decisions that are not the best ones for the situations that she’s in. If she’s panicking behind the wheel, she’s more likely to have an accident.

Just because driving is more of a concern for your senior, that does not mean that she should be stuck at home. Elder care providers can drive for her, enabling her to stay just as active as she wants to be.

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