Tips To Help Seniors Handle Emergencies

Senior Home Care in Turlock CA

Senior Home Care in Turlock CA

One of the things that seniors who live independently will have to deal with is emergencies. Living alone means dealing with the unexpected. From big storms to power outages to house fires or other home related emergencies seniors need to be ready to deal with situations that could end up being very serious for them. Seniors who have mobility challenges or other conditions that make them unsteady on their feet could have a hard time getting to safety in a true emergency if they’re living independently. But there are things that seniors can do to make sure that they’re ready for any challenge like:

Get 24-Hour Home Care

24 hour home care is one of the best things that seniors can have to be ready for any emergency. Seniors that have 24-hour home care are never alone and they will always have the help that they need. When seniors have 24 hour home care a care provider will be able to call for emergency help if your senior loved one falls. They can make sure that your senior parent gets to safety during an extreme storm. And they can make sure that your senior parent is comfortable if the power goes out. Seniors who are committed to living independently should consider having 24-hour home care as a safety measure.

Move To One Floor Living

Seniors should also consider moving to one floor living if they’re currently living in a house that has two or more floors. Moving to a downstairs bedroom or creating a master suite on the first floor with a full bathroom will make living independently much easier and safer for seniors. If there is an emergency seniors won’t run the risk of falling down the stairs trying to get out of the house in a hurry. And they will be much easier to rescue if that becomes necessary. Seniors can stay in the home where they are now if they just make some modifications so they can live comfortably on the ground floor.

Have Cameras

Security cameras outside the house are ideal for home security. But seniors should also have security cameras inside the house to protect themselves. With cameras inside the house family caregivers can log into the account and see the camera feeds to check on their senior parent and make sure they are ok. If your senior parent does fall or become unable to get to a phone you will be able to see that they need help and take appropriate action.

Get A Code Lock

If your senior parent fell or become unconscious would you be able to get into their home? Often the answer to that question is no. Code locks are fantastic for seniors because family members, delivery people, and care providers can all be given their own code that allows them entry. You will be able to get into the house even if your senior parent can’t come to the door just by punching in your code.

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