Tips To Help Seniors Aging In Place Feel Safer At Home

24-Hour Home Care in Brentwood CA

24-Hour Home Care in Brentwood CA

The data is clear. Seniors overwhelmingly say that being able to stay independent in their homes as they get older is a high priority. And there are a lot of physical and mental health benefits seniors can get from living in the house they have lived in for years as they get older. But, seniors do need to be aware of the safety challenges that can accompany living alone in a single family home.

Seniors who live independently are at risk for falls, home disasters like fires or floods, natural disasters and extreme weather, and being the target of crime. 24-hour home care is something seniors that want to age in place should have. All seniors, but especially seniors with limited mobility, can be safer and have more peace of mind if they have 24-hour home care. In addition to getting 24-hour home care some things that seniors can do to feel safer at home are:

Get A Security System

Having a security system installed that has motion detection lights, security cameras, and a video doorbell can make seniors feel safer at home. And their families won’t worry about them being alone. It’s also a good idea to install some interior cameras. That way if seniors fall or need help and can’t get to the phone their family members can check the interior cameras and see that they need help.

Replace All Smoke Detectors

House fires care often deadly for seniors. That’s because seniors can struggle to get out of the house quickly if a fire breaks out. Just to make sure that the smoke detectors work properly it’s a good idea for seniors to have new modern smoke and fire detectors installed. Seniors should also have fire extinguishers on each floor of the house.

Get A Dog

Dogs can be great companions as well as great security. Having a dog can make seniors less lonely. And it can make them less worried about crime. Taking care of a dog can give seniors a sense of purpose too. And if senior need help taking care of their dog, 24-hour home care providers can help by walking the dog or letting it outside at night.

Upgrade Interior Lighting

Poor interior lighting is one of the primary causes of falls inside the home. Seniors should consider upgrading their interior lighting so that they are better able to see where they are going. LED light strips are very handy and can be placed anywhere like under kitchen cabinets, on stairs, and in other places where seniors may have trouble seeing where they are going. Motion detection lights inside the home are also great for seniors.

Get Rid Of Area Rugs

Another common fall hazard is area rugs. It’s very easy for seniors to trip and fall on area rugs. Even if the rugs have a non-slip pad they can still slip. It’s best to get rid of them all together.


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