24-Hour Home Care Helps Keep Seniors Safe At Home

24-Hour Home Care in Moraga CA

24-Hour Home Care in Moraga CA

One of the biggest concerns that family members have when a senior parent wants to live alone is safety. Seniors are often seen as easy targets by criminals, both at home and over the phone or internet. Seniors who are living alone also could fall in the middle of the night, take too much of their medication by accident, or be unable to get out of the house in time if there was a fire or other emergency. All the things that could happen can make family members afraid to have a senior parent live alone.

But having 24-hour home care will help seniors stay safe and help family members not be so afraid for the health and safety of a senior loved one. With 24-hour home care your senior parent will never be alone. Someone will be with them, awake, and alert around the clock. Even when your senior parent is sleeping a caregiver will be awake and keeping an eye on things. Some of the ways that 24-hour home care keeps seniors safe are:

Fall Prevention

Falls are a significant concern for seniors, especially during the night when visibility is low and mobility may be impaired. With a caregiver in the home day and night a caregiver can help your senior parent get to the bathroom safely, help them get in and out of bed, and help them use mobility aids such as walkers or canes to prevent falls. By providing physical support and supervision, caregivers can reduce the risk of nighttime falls and injuries.

Medication Management

Many seniors require medications to manage chronic conditions or alleviate symptoms, and some medications may need to be taken at specific times, including during the night. Nighttime caregivers who are skilled nurses or home health care workers can make sure that your senior parent takes their medications as prescribed. They can also create medication reminders and monitor your senior parent’s health to make they don’t have severe side effects or other problems related to their medications.

Assistance with Personal Care

Some seniors may require assistance with personal care tasks such as toileting, bathing, and dressing during the night. Nighttime caregivers can help your senior parent with these activities so they don’t fall or get hurt while showring or getting into their pajamas.

Emergency Response

Emergencies can occur at any time, especially during the night. Nighttime caregivers are trained to respond quickly to emergencies. They can contact emergency services and alert family members if something happens. And your senior parent won’t be alone during an emergency, which can comfort them and give you peace of mind.

Home Safety

Just having someone else in the house can be enough to deter criminals from targeting a senior’s home. A good security system and the presence of a caregiver at night will make it less likely your senior parent will be the victim of a car or home break-in. And your senior parent will have help available immediately if there is a fire, flood, or some other type of disaster.

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