Tips to Improve Your Loved One’s Home Recovery

Post-Hospital Care in Concord CA

Post-Hospital Care in Concord CA

Your loved one just had a major surgery or a long hospital stay, but it’s finally time for her to come home to recover. She might be staying with you or she might be returning to her own home, but no matter whose home she’s at, she’s been given directions to rest and take it easy.

For many resting and taking it easy is hard. They’ve worked their whole lives and the idea of being idle can be tough, even if the doctor orders it. Your loved one might need a little more incentive to take it easy and not worry about all the things that aren’t getting done around the home while she recovers. To encourage her to stay in bed and rest, here are some suggestions that might help her comply more with the doctor’s orders.

  • Hire a post-hospital care provider. Having a professional come and visit can remove the stress of having to go into the clinic to check on progress. A post-hospital care provider will be trained to help your loved one recover quickly while also coaxing her to get the rest she needs. If you’re worried that your loved one won’t take the medicine prescribed for her (either out of stubbornness or forgetfulness) a post-hospital care attendant can also help with medication management. You’ll be able to relax knowing your loved one is well watched over at home.
  • Hire someone to help around the home. If you know your loved one cannot relax knowing she has laundry to do, a lawn to mow, or a dog to walk, hiring a neighbor, friend, or a home care provider can help make sure those strenuous tasks get done without your loved one risking her recovery to get them completed.
  • Have meals delivered and prepared. If the doctor’s orders are specific about what your loved one should eat while she recovers, this is another area a post-hospital care provider or home care assistant can help with. Without someone helping to make sure she eats well and as needed, your loved one may not have the strength to make herself healthy meals as she recovers and will rely too much on frozen food or delivery. Enlisting some friends to create single-serve meals that can be frozen and then reheated is another great way to offer your loved one some delicious meals while recovering.
  • Make her recovery area luxurious. Since she’ll be at home, there’s no reason for a sterile boring environment. Instead, make her recovery area someplace she wants to relax and recover in. Get her a super cozy blanket to snuggle, put scented diffusers in the room, and even stock a little fridge with flavored water to make her feel like she’s at the spa. These little added touches can lift her spirits and help her “enjoy” recovering a little bit more.

Recovering from a major hospital stay takes time but with some patience, and some help from others, your loved one will be ready to go back to her active lifestyle soon.


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