Six Ways Home Care Helps With Summer Vacation Plans

Home Care in Stockton CA

Home Care in Stockton CA

Summer vacation plans are in the works, but there’s one thing that you’re struggling with. You help your mom each day, but you can’t go on vacation and also be there for her at the same time. Home care services like respite care are the perfect solution. Learn more about what home care aides can do to help out.

Your Mom’s Not Alone

Your mom won’t or can’t travel with you, and you know she’ll get lonely when you’re away. You don’t want her calling you constantly and making you feel guilty for leaving or helpless that you’re too far away to assist her.

A home care aide can stop by and help her with chores and keep her company. If your mom is feeling housebound and wants to get out, her caregiver can take her shopping, for a walk in area gardens, or to a local attraction.

Her Home is Clean and Organized

While you’re on vacation, your mom’s caregiver can clean her home, do the laundry, and change her sheets and towels. Your mom will have a caregiver to bring the mail and sort it. Trash and recycling are taken outside as needed.

Your mom’s caregiver can vacuum, dust, sweep floors, and wash and dry dishes. When laundry is done, your mom has someone to help put everything where it goes. Your mom’s caregiver can help her remember to feed her pets, wash out their bowls, and freshen their water, too.

She Has Home-Cooked Meals

Your mom won’t have to rely on frozen dinners. Her caregiver can talk to her about what she wants to eat all week, help her shop for groceries, and cook meals when it’s time. Your mom won’t have to eat alone. When the meal is over, her caregiver washes the dishes and puts away any leftovers.

Appointments Don’t Need to Be Rescheduled

Your mom has appointments that you were planning to reschedule while you’re away. You won’t have to. Her caregiver can drive her to the office, wait while she sees her doctor or dentist, and bring her back home. You’ll get an update on any changes to her medications, therapeutic sessions, or follow-up care.

Temporary Coverage While You’re Away

Respite care is a temporary home care service that provides your mom with the help she needs. It’s only in place while you’re unavailable on vacation. When you return, the service ends, or you can continue with a caregiver providing breaks now and then.

Arrange Home Care in Advance

Home care services are a good way to make sure your mom has the help she needs when you’re away. Ask about respite care services and ensure your mom has home care services even if you’re out of town and unavailable. It’s a handy service if she won’t or can’t travel with you.

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