If your elderly family member has talked about trying to improve her activity levels, now might be the time. There are some things you need to keep in mind about this process and you definitely need to talk with her doctor first.

She Doesn’t Have to Train for a Triathlon

One of the biggest mistakes your elderly family member might be making around being more active is that her idea of being more active is complicated. The truth is that just moving more is enough. Your elderly family member doesn’t have to train for anything super athletic. Talk to her doctor about how much exercise is safe for her and proceed with planning from there.

Take a Closer Look at What She’s Eating

What is your senior eating and how much is she eating? If she’s eating healthier foods in the right amounts for her, she’s going to have the energy she needs to be able to increase her activity levels. But if she’s eating foods that are more calorie than nutrient, that could be presenting a problem for her. Increasing the whole foods, like fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, in her diet is a huge step in the right direction.

Evaluate Her Sleep Habits

It’s also a good idea to look closer at how well your senior is sleeping. When she rests, that allows her body and her brain to do what it needs to do in order to recuperate from the stresses of each day. Being more active and sleep go hand in hand, too. As your elderly family member becomes more active, she’s more likely to sleep better. As she sleeps better, that gives her the energy to be more active. It’s a cycle that helps to keep improving itself.

Give it All Time to Work

None of these changes are going to work immediately for your elderly family member. They all take time to show her some results. That might mean that she or you feel frustrated for a little while when she’s still not seeing the results she wants to see. The best plan is to keep on trying and to just focus on simple goals that she can achieve easily.
Increasing your senior’s activity level by even a little bit might feel impossible to her right now. That might make this a good time to bring in home care providers to help her to conserve her energy in some areas so that she can expend it in others.

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