Is it Time for Elder Care?

Elder Care in Brentwood CA

Elder Care in Brentwood CA

Whether you live far away from your senior or just cannot give her as much help as you really want to offer her, you might be looking for solutions to make sure she’s okay in her home. The best option is elder care, but how do you know that it’s time to bring in the professionals for more help? These situations can help you to determine if now might be the time for experienced caregivers.

Your Senior Has Trouble Preparing Meals

It’s vital that your elderly family member is eating healthy meals on a regular basis to keep her body and her brain strong. But it’s really common for aging adults to gradually stop preparing meals for themselves like they should. When elder care providers cook for your senior, you know that she’s getting healthy meals that keep her body nourished.

Or She’s Having Trouble Keeping Her Home Clean

Your senior’s home is another area of concern. If her home isn’t clean, that means that germs, dust, and dirt are piling up. Combine that with clutter, and your senior’s home could start to make her sick and be unsafe for her in other ways. Home care providers can stay on top of keeping your elderly family member’s home clean and neat so that she’s able to stay safe.

She’s Having Hygiene Issues

Her body needs to be kept clean, too. When your elderly family member isn’t bathing regularly, her skin can start to experience issues. If she has other health problems, like diabetes, the last thing that your senior needs is to have wounds that take longer to heal. Accepting help with bathing from someone she doesn’t know well might make your senior nervous at first, but senior care professionals are used to assisting with those sorts of tasks.

She’s Had a Driving Scare

Your elderly family member might have a tough time accepting that it might be time for her to stop driving. Changes to her ability to see or to how her brain works can make driving unsafe for your senior. If that’s the case, elder care providers can step in and take over transportation duties for her. You’ll know that your senior is safe and that she’s able to get where she needs to be.

She Mentions that She Is Ready for Some Extra Help

It isn’t often that fiercely independent seniors are willing to openly admit that it’s time for them to have some extra assistance. If your elderly family member does tell you that she’s ready for someone to give her a hand, take her at her word. She may only need a little bit of help now, but it can make a huge difference in her quality of life to have that support.

How much help your elderly family member needs is likely to vary over time. If she is only ready to accept a little help from elder care professionals at first, that experience can help her to understand just how helpful they can be for her.

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