What Does Your Senior Need to Know about Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is known by the medical community as the “silent killer,” because people can have high blood pressure for years without having serious symptoms.

Her Uncontrollable Risk Factors Are Important to Understand

Everyone has risk factors related to high blood pressure, and many of them are uncontrollable. If your senior has a family history of high blood pressure, she’s more likely to experience it herself. High blood pressure is also more likely as your senior ages. For seniors who are female, high blood pressure risk grows after menopause. African Americans are at the highest risk of developing high blood pressure, so it’s vital to start looking at those numbers early if possible.

Losing Even a Small Bit of Weight Might Help

One of the first risk factors that your senior can actually do something about is her weight. Having even a few extra pounds can increase her risk exponentially. Talk to her doctor about the best ways to help your senior to lose even a handful of extra pounds.

Exercise Definitely Helps

Exercising regularly helps with blood pressure because it strengthens your senior’s heart. If she hasn’t exercised in a long time, definitely make sure her doctor is aware of her plans and set up a routine for exercising that is slow and that your senior can stick with for a long time. The absolute best exercise plan for your senior is the one she can continue.

Your Senior’s Diet Makes a Big Difference

What does your senior eat now? If she’s eating lots of junk foods, that’s not uncommon at all. It’s also something that she probably needs to change. Finding a diet that is rich in lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits is going to keep her fueled properly. Work with her doctor to find the right diet. Lots of seniors find cooking to be too much effort, which is how they end up with a dodgy diet. Hiring home care providers to cook for your elderly family member can make a huge difference.

Stress and Sleep Are Two Other Areas of Concern

Sleep and stress can directly contribute to blood pressure issues, too. If your elderly family member is stressed all the time, that’s going to keep her heart working too hard when it should be resting. Sleep is when your senior’s body recharges and is able to undo all the damage of the day. If she’s not sleeping well, her body can’t keep up.

Figuring out your senior’s individual risk factors is going to be the first step in helping her doctor to put together a plan for managing high blood pressure.
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