Take Steps to Ensure Your Parents Are Able to Age in Place

Personal Care at Home in Modesto CA

Personal Care at Home in Modesto CA

It’s your mom and dad’s goal to age in the home they’ve had for decades. They don’t like the idea of downsizing or moving to a new neighborhood. They need help, but they don’t want to move to get it. How can you ensure they can age in place as they get older?

Consider Their Safety Throughout the House

Go through your parents’ house and look for safety issues. They should have grab bars in the bathroom that they can hold to prevent a fall while showering or standing up from the toilet. Non-slip mats or stickers on the bathtub floor add traction to the shower or tub floor.

If your parents have decorative throw rugs on tile or wood floors, the rugs need to have a non-slip backing. It’s better to get rid of them completely. On wooden stairs, a carpet runner or treads that are affixed to the stairs will help with traction.

Kitchen floors are often slick. Make sure there are non-slip mats in front of places where water is likely to spill, such as in front of the sink.

Check that the lighting is bright and eliminate shadows. This includes dimly lit areas, like basement and deck stairs. Install floor-level nightlights between bedrooms and bathrooms.

Discuss Their Health With Their Doctors

Talk to your mom and dad’s doctor about their health and care plans. Your mom has arthritis, so she needs to get up and exercise often to keep the joint pain from increasing. Your dad has diabetes and needs to follow the recommended diet and check his blood sugar levels throughout the day.

As you learn about their health issues, you can come up with a list of the things they need help completing and what they can manage on their own. You’ll know if they take any medications and if they remember to take them on time. You can help them keep track of refills.

Arrange to Have Caregivers Help Out

You work all week, so the amount of time you have to help them is limited. Do your parents have other family members who can help? Is there another plan if your brothers and sisters live too far away to help?

Would your parents feel better having caregivers available to help with light housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry? Support your parents by ensuring they have others helping them throughout the week.

Personal care at home services are a great way to balance your parents’ desire for independence with the need for a helping hand. Schedule the services they need after learning more about personal care at home offerings. Call now.

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