Whether you know that your senior is about to be hospitalized or not, the situation causes a great deal of stress. There may be some concrete steps you can take that help you to manage the stress.

Prepare as Much as You Can for the Hospital Stay

Sometimes a hospital stay is completely unexpected. There may be other times, though, when you’re either certain or pretty sure that your elderly family member is going to be admitted. No matter what, you can do some things to prepare for the eventuality. Keep a list of medications somewhere that’s easy to update. This might be a list on your computer or on your phone, but it’s best if you can access it from anywhere. You may also want to keep a bag packed with essentials that you can just grab and go.

You’re Going to Have to Be Patient

It’s so tough to be as patient as you need to be sometimes when your elderly family member is hospitalized. There’s a lot that you may not know or there may be a lot of different people that you need to talk to. Remind yourself that the people you’re talking to or who are asking you for information that you’ve already given are just doing their jobs.

Rest if You Can

Depending on the circumstances of your senior’s hospitalization, you may need to get the rest you can get now. There may be a lot for you both to deal with afterward and if you can rest now, that gives you a head start. Do everything else that you can to keep your strength up, too, like eating regularly and moving at least a little bit every hour. This is going to help you to avoid wearing yourself out.

Make a Plan for the Transition Home

As it comes closer to time for your senior to come home, you may need to make a plan. There is usually someone at the hospital, likely a social worker, who can help you to determine what your senior’s needs are going to be. One way you can help her and you with this transition is to work with elderly care providers. They can help your senior to handle just about any of the tasks that are more difficult now, and they can help her to possibly avoid going back to the hospital.

Your elderly family member may experience more challenges after her hospital visit than she expects. Having a plan gives you a chance to be as prepared as possible while still allowing flexibility to meet her needs.

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