How Can Elder Care Help Your Senior with Chronic Pain?

Elder Care in Concord CA

Elder Care in Concord CA

Pain that is chronic never leaves your senior alone to recuperate. That can eventually be something that causes you and your senior to wonder if she can continue to age in place. With the help of elder care, that goal may indeed be possible.

Helping Watch for Symptoms and Issues

Chronic pain takes a lot out of your elderly family member and there can often be small problems and additional symptoms that are difficult for her to notice on her own. Having home care providers there with her can give her someone else who is able to keep track of all of those kinds of things. That information can then go a long way toward keeping her doctors informed of what she’s experiencing.

Offering Routine Reminders

Many chronic pain sufferers do a lot better when they have a routine that supports their needs. That routine might include getting the right amount of sleep, exercising as they’re able to do so, and eating healthy foods. Having friendly reminders that help to keep your senior on her routine can also help her to manage her chronic pain more effectively.

Assisting with Household Chores

Knowing when to push things and when to rest is crucial for your elderly family member if she’s suffering from chronic pain. On those days when she’s not feeling as well, it helps to have elder care providers there with your senior to keep things in her home running smoothly. That little bit of help can be the difference that makes it possible for your senior to continue to age in place.

Offering Emotional Support and Validation

Your senior is going to run through all the emotions as she battles chronic pain. It can even be easy to fall into the trap of believing that she’s imagining things or overreacting. It’s a huge help to have a friendly face there with her to offer companionship and a reminder that she can be a bit kinder to herself, too.

Managing Transportation Assistance

Depending on the type and severity of pain your senior is facing, driving may not be possible for her anymore. Elder care providers can help your senior to get where she needs to go so that she’s able to continue to go to appointments and wherever else she wants to go. You’ll know that your senior is safe and she’ll be able to remain as active as she’s interested in being.

Helping with Respite Care

For you as your senior’s primary family caregiver, you may find it difficult to take time away when you need to. Having elder care providers with your elderly family member gives you that chance to take respite time and to know that she’s in good hands. When you come back, you’ll be in a better position to meet your daily challenges.

Chronic pain may never be something that your senior is free from, but you can do a lot to help her to manage it as well as possible. One of the best tools in your arsenal for that job is the help of home care providers who also want the best for your senior.

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