Six Ways Seniors Can Stay Active and Healthy While Aging in Place

Home Care in Moraga CA

Home Care in Moraga CA

It’s always easier to stay active and healthy if seniors are starting in a position of already trying to do those things. For some seniors, it’s tough to hit those marks without some extra help, and home care providers can be there for them all the way through any obstacles. Paying attention to some of the key areas of what it means to be both active and healthy gives seniors a plan of attack for hitting this goal.

Watch What They Eat

Seniors hear a lot about eating a healthy diet, but that can be easier said than done. A lot of actually making healthy eating happen involves planning ahead and making meals as easy as possible. Elder care providers can help with a lot of those tasks, which means that seniors don’t have to work as hard figuring it all out. With the help of caregivers, seniors are able to just live their lives, enjoying meals that support their lifestyles and needs.

Move Their Bodies Regularly

Getting regular movement is another way that seniors help themselves to be as healthy as possible. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, strengthens both bones and muscles, and helps to reduce fall risk. Exercise is also good for the brain and for mental health. It’s one thing to know that exercise is important and another entirely to actually do it. That said, if seniors find something they love to do, that’s going to make it easier to get that movement in.

Get Plenty of Good Sleep

Sleep doesn’t get talked about enough in terms of boosting health and activity levels, but it truly is important. When seniors aren’t getting enough good sleep, they’re more likely to have difficulty regulating moods, using their memory, and even thinking clearly. People also become clumsier when they aren’t sleeping well. Seniors who are having trouble with sleep should talk to their doctors about the next steps.

Stay in Touch with Other People

Socialization is something that seniors definitely need to stay on top of on a regular basis. Home care providers make excellent companions, and they’re also able to help with transportation and other needs seniors may have around getting out more often and visiting with other people.

Look for Ways to Manage Stress Safely

Stress creates massive problems for people in all stages of life, but especially for seniors. Stress affects not only mental health but also physical well-being when it isn’t managed appropriately. It’s really important for seniors to find the ways that work for them when it comes to keeping stress and mental health where they should be.

Get to the Doctor

It might go without saying that regular checkups with doctors are a crucial part of aging healthfully for seniors. This helps to stay on top of existing medical issues and also address new health issues quickly if they should crop up. Ignoring these visits or putting them off doesn’t make health issues go away.

Seniors can live long, healthy lives aging in place, especially with help from home care providers and family members. The key is to stay on top of all of the different areas of life and make sure that care plans fully address needs.

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