How Cats Can Help Seniors with Depression?

Home Care in Concord CA

Home Care in Concord CA

Seniors are experiencing record levels of depression and loneliness. Being depressed and socially isolated can be very bad for a senior’s physical and mental health. August 8th is International Cat Day, and it’s a great time to learn more about the many benefits that seniors can get from having a cat companion. One of the biggest benefits of having a cat for seniors is that cats can help reduce the symptoms of depression in seniors or get rid of them entirely. That’s because having a cat gives seniors:


Having a cat will give seniors a companion that is always around and loves snacks and naps. What could be better for seniors than having a buddy who is always ready to take a nap or cuddle up and watch TV? And cats are relatively low maintenance compared to other types of pets. With home care, seniors won’t have any trouble making sure that their feline companion is getting the food and water they need everyday and that their litter box is getting cleaned regularly. So all your senior loved one will need to do if they have home care is chill out with their furry friend and enjoy some quiet companionship.


Seniors, especially seniors whose kids live far away or who have lost their spouses, need something to take care of so that they feel like they have a purpose in life. Having an animal to take care of will motivate your senior parent to get out of bed every day. It will also give them a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging, which are both essential for good mental health. And the better your senior loved one’s mental health is the better their physical health will be.

Physical Touch

Everyone needs touch in order to be healthy. But for seniors who live alone and don’t get the chance to see their friends or family often the comfort of touch can be hard to get. Many seniors suffer when they aren’t able to get regular hugs and touches. If your senior loved one has a cat the cat is a great source of cuddles and physical touch. Studies show that stroking a cat can dramatically reduce anxiety and stress in seniors. And there’s nothing like a purring cat to calm down a senior that is suffering from anxiety.


Love is another essential element for good physical and mental health. Of course you love your senior parent, and your siblings do too. But if you are far away or if you can’t get to see your senior parent often they need another source of love to fill in the gaps. A pet’s love is unconditional and unending, which makes pets the ideal senior companions. And since cats don’t need a lot of exercise and are basically balls of purry love they are the best companions for seniors. Visit your local humane society to see if they have senior cats who are ready for adoption!


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