There are a variety of different lung issues that can cause breathing problems. They range from relatively minor issues like allergies all the way to things like asthma or COPD. The big key with any lung issue is to recognize and understand what’s causing breathing problems. These issues are commonly referred to as triggers, and many of them are avoidable.

Get Familiar with Common Triggering Situations

Breathing triggers are similar from one type of lung issue to another. Excessive fragrances, smoke, pollution, and many other triggers can all create situations that make breathing difficult for your elderly family member. It’s important to understand what the different triggers can be so that you can help your senior to avoid them.

Write Down What Happens When Your Senior Has Trouble Breathing

When your elderly family member does have trouble breathing, it’s really important to write down what’s happening so that you can dig deeper later. Keeping a log also ensures that you can share that information with people who need that information, like your senior’s doctor. This can even be part of a more general health diary where you track other issues, too.

Sometimes Breathing Is Worse at Different Times of Day

For some people, the time of day can be a breathing trigger. Your elderly family member may not have difficulty at the beginning of the day when she’s better rested, but later in the day she may have more trouble. Or there may be triggers that she’s around in the morning that don’t exist at night. Keep track of when her breathing issues are more severe.

Make Sure Your Senior’s Doctor Is Aware

It’s vital that you run all of the information you’re collecting past your senior’s doctor. Her doctor can help you to spot patterns that might not have occurred to you and determine if there’s something else going on. This is especially important if your elderly family member is experiencing breathing issues and hasn’t been formally diagnosed with anything. There may be other solutions that you can put into practice, too. You can hang onto the ones that work.

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