Five Hobbies For Your Dad to Enjoy After Retirement

After retirement, your dad loves his freedom. He can sleep in each morning and stay up later in the night. It’s great for months, but he soon gets bored. Skip the boredom. Make sure your dad has plenty to keep his mind and body active after retirement. These five hobbies offer him a way to be creative, active, and engaged.

Coffee Roasting

Your dad loves coffee. He makes a pot every day. He could learn how to roast his beans. There are a few ways to do it. It starts by buying the green coffee beans from a supplier.

Once he has the green coffee beans, a hot oven will roast them. He’s listening for the beans to crack. At that point, he should check to see if they’re dark enough for his tastes. If not, he will leave them to roast for longer.

He could also use a cast-iron skillet or build a fire pit that has a grate and large cast iron pan he can roast the beans in. Fire-roasted coffee beans will have a smokier taste that can be appealing.


Here’s a good family hobby. He can join his grandkids on a day out in nature. Geocaching is a treasure hunt anyone can do. Get the coordinates, set off to find the geocache, sign the log, leave/take a treasure, and move on to a new area.

Stained Glass

There’s a bit of an expense for the equipment you need to get started making stained glass. Equipment like a soldering iron, glass grinder, copper foil, and a glass cutter are all needed. A starter kit includes everything he needs to learn how to make stained glass and to make small items like sun catchers.

As he gains experience, he can make larger items like windows and lampshades. If he wants to make a little extra money, stained glass can be a rewarding hobby.


Does your dad have a basement or garage filled with old furniture, bottles, and other items he’ll never use? Upcycling is a hobby where you take those items and turn them into something new. Once finished, he could sell his new item or use it within his home.

If he needs ideas for upcycling projects, people have taken old steamer trunks and turned them into desks with storage for a laptop, printer, and mouse. He could take a bunch of old beer bottles and a piece of driftwood and create a chandelier.

Wine and Beer Making

Buy the equipment needed to make a batch of beer or wine. You can get full kits that include the ingredients for your first batch. If your dad can boil water, use a timer, and read a thermometer, he won’t have a problem.

Kits include step-by-step instructions that allow him to start with something basic and expand into more complex wines and beers as he gains experience.

As he ages, your dad may find some daily activities to be hard to manage on his own. Arrange to have caregivers there to help him with housekeeping, meals, transportation, and socialization. He may want to start with companionship services and add additional services as needed. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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