Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Dental Health

Elder Care in Lodi CA

Elder Care in Lodi CA

If your senior has recently adopted a dog, you know that a lot of responsibility comes along with pet ownership. One area that many people forget about until it’s too late is their dog’s dental health. If you wait too long to give your loved one’s dog’s teeth the attention they deserve, your loved one may find some pretty hefty dental bills as the vet tries to reverse the damage of decay and plaque buildup.

Here are some easy tips to help you keep your loved one’s pet’s teeth and mouth in tip-top shape.

Stick to dry food

The next time your loved one goes to market with her elder care provider, they should just walk right by those cute little cans of “fancy” meals for the pup. Her dog’s teeth will benefit much more from a dry food diet. As her dog chews on the larger bits of dry food, bits of plaque will break off of the dog’s teeth and the dog will produce more saliva, which rinses the teeth clean.

If the dog balks at dry food, start slowly by mixing its favorite wet food with dry and then each day increase more dry food and less wet food until it’s all dry.

Brush its teeth

This may seem silly, but yes, dogs can benefit from teeth brushing as well. If your loved one’s pet will not sit still for this, she may want to enlist the help of her elder care provider. Once the dog (and your loved one) are comfortable, put a little chicken- or beef-flavored dog toothpaste (never human toothpaste – it can make a dog sick to its stomach) and start brushing. Brush slowly in an oval pattern from front to back, for at least a minute if the dog will allow it. Don’t forget to add in a lot of “good boy” or “good girl” as you’re doing it to encourage the dog to stay put during the brushing session.

Give your dog dental toys

Let your dog have some fun while taking care of its teeth. While visiting the pet store with her elder care provider (and maybe even the dog), have your loved one pick up toys and treats that are made to clean teeth as they are chewed on. Sturdy rubber chew toys are great for knocking plaque off of teeth, and dog treats such as pigs’ ears and dental chews can also help dislodge plaque and get that saliva flowing.

Much like humans, your loved one’s dog should have its teeth taken care of every day, especially if your loved one is trying to reduce some damage that’s already been done. Her dog will thank her for it in the end.


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